Steve Cotler

Steve Cotler

Cheesie Mack’s Second Book Is in the Bookstores!

Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel is everywhere! It’s now available in bookstores and online in every format.

With a cast of hundreds at the greatest summer camp in the whole known universe, Cheesie and his best buddy Georgie are stunned to find out they will not be the oldest of the Little Guys (with all those privileges and special benefits), but instead will be bunking with a cabin of unfriendly Big Guys.

From champs to chumps before the summer even gets started!

The bullying and taunting goes on until Cheesie challenges Kevin, one of the older boys, to a duel.

“What could you possible be better at than I am?” Kevin asks sneeringly.

“Being cool,” Cheesie responds…and the duel is on!

Set in Camp Windward on the shore of Bufflehead Lake in central Maine, it’s a summer of sneaking, snakes, and scary bedtime stories told in Cheesie’s unmistakably 11-year-old voice. It’s a funny, upbeat, adventurous, and stealthily educational story. It’s Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel.

Check out Cheesie’s own website! If you comment, he’ll probably write back.


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    Hi Steve,
    I am a school newspaper reporter from one of the schools you recently visited. Please check out my email i sent you A.S.A.P. because I am featuring you in my article ( which is due pretty soon :o)

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