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Arms and Armor at Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is in the midst of a massive renovation, so only a fraction of the collection is currently on display. But there is still much to see. The Arms and Armor Room is magnificent.  Its many artifacts illustrate the armorer’s craftsmanship, art, and weapons development, as well as the pomp and […]


Today is my birthday. Also born on this day in 1944 was Odd Nerdrum, a prominent Norwegian painter. Our names were switched at birth. * * * “Wanderers at the Beach” 2001

P(achy)casso? — Elephant Painting an Elephant

An excited correspondent sent me a link to this video of an elephant painting a picture of an elephant. YouTube –  Elephant painting an elephant It is an engaging video, and comments on other websites from eyewitnesses (most often reporting their visits to Thailand) to such “artwork creation” give good evidence that this is not […]