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Sheiks on a Plane

Ali Balak Qatlar Satif Luwi Qatlar On a balmy Saturday morning in late-1978, two 30-something brothers boarded a Pacific Southwest Airlines flight in Los Angeles. As they walked up the outdoor stairway into the PSA jet, the two men looked suspiciously like Arab terrorists during a time when Arab terrorism was non-existent. They were traveling […]

Kiss Me, I’m Irie!–St. Patrick’s Day on St. Croix

Irie (EYE-ree)—to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries. (Jamaican) The small-town paraders and bystanders were more than irie long before the procession began just before noon.  This is a big deal in Christiansted. Everyone knows this isn’t the right day, but we’re […]

One More Guggle-Muggle for the Road

Like most families, the nostrums necessary to palliate childhood ills were administered by my mother and grandmother. One, however, came from my father, and until last night, I thought it was his invention. Winter in Southern California is barely winter. But colds, coughs, and bad dreams can besiege a child in any clime. I was […]

Fashion Show–1972

Insouciant and unflapped, the 28-year-old father of two, too sexy for his shirt (and shoes!), does his little turn on the catwalk. The shirt was chocolate. The tie was garish. The suit, of blessed memory, was lemon and taupe. Nuff sed.

Go Sue Yourself!

Perhaps based upon a well-known, anatomically difficult, consensual act, Wells Fargo has sued itself in a Florida foreclosure case reported by Business Insider earlier this month: “Wells Fargo holds the first and second mortgages on a condominium….As holder of the first, Wells Fargo is suing all other lien holders, including the holder of the second, […]

The Prime Minister and the Supreme Court

Golda Meir (1898-1978) Tonight’s true story. An intelligent, worldly woman is leaning over her laptop late at night, paying almost no attention to the conversations behind her. She is startled out of her browsing by her sister’s voice. “Is there any news about Golda Meir?” She spins away from her laptop and demands, “What’s going […]

A House Cat Murdered My Wife…That’s My Story

Treswick was a big cat, a bad cat. He was, his owners averred, tres wicked. It was 1967. I was a first-year graduate student living in Peabody Terrace, the married students’ housing, a walking bridge across the river from Harvard Business School. These were tall, narrow buildings, four units to a floor, all sharing a […]

Bank of America’s Bad Marketing

Do they even come close to knowing what’s going on? Today I mailed the letter below to Barbara Desoer, President of Bank of America Home Loans, in Charlotte, NC. According to Money magazine, she received $9.6 million in compensation in  2007, and was one of the 25 highest-paid women in America. Dear Barbara: I begin […]

A Boy, a Swimming Pool, and the Laws of Universe

My brother Doug writes about his afternoon with my four-year-old grandson: When Ethan and I walked outside, we had no specific plans. We knew only that the sun was shining, the spring birds were singing. It was warm and we were going to explore the backyard. There were so many possibilities. But once he saw […]

“If You Don’t Vote, You’re a Moron!”

On September 10, CBS Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson, a Scotland-born, recently naturalized American citizen, delivered an impassioned rant about the importance of voting. Airing immediately after Obama appeared on Letterman’s show, Ferguson’s screed was trenchant, funny, and exactly right. “If you don’t vote, you’re a moron!” At the end of this month, I’m […]