A Posthumous Woman

Olin-620x348After nearly 20 years of non-involvement in filmmaking, last month I enthusiastically un-retired and worked (really worked!) on A Posthumous Woman, starring Lena Olin and Rosanna Arquette.

Written/directed by my son, Zachary, and his fiancée, Magdalena Zyzak, and filmed at a remote location in the mountains above Silicon Valley, it is the story of an internationally prominent poet/novelist (Olin) who shocks a radio interviewer by announcing that she will be ending her life. She invites young male writers to submit their work and to apply for an interview. The one she chooses will inherit all her assets and be named her literary executor.

A Posthumous Woman is a exploration of the reason for art and the nature of immortality. Zachary and Magdalena are currently editing the feature in Poland in preparation for festival submissions.

I was the oldest person on the crew a couple of decades!

More on the film in Filmmaker magazine.

[photo: Priscilla Huber]
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