My 'Magination album cover

This is the World of “My ‘Magination”
…and while you’re here…
You can go anywhere!
You can have so much fun!

Every song on My ‘Magination tells a story from a child’s point of view. Funny, stimulating, and different, these tunes, as the album title announces, encourage imagination, visualization, and participation.

Pobba’s music is most appropriate for ages 3-9 but will be enjoyed by the whole family!

the man behind the music: WHO IS POBBA?

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Words that have rung through my house (and car)….”Mom, can we listen to Pobba?” Thought you’d want to know that you’re a big hit with my girls and me. Great songs, great production.

–Beth (Orlando, FL)

My ‘Magination


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  1. My ‘Magination
  2. I’m Making Dinner
  3. The Worst Day of My Life
  4. Marshmallows
  5. I See What I See at the Sea
  6. PB+J
  7. I’m Proud to Be Me
  8. Buttering Bread
  9. If I Had a Pet
  10. Wonderful World
  11. I Don’t Sleep Anymore

My ‘Magination

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My 'Magination album cover

Spigot Records

May 27, 2002