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What About Dessert?

Maple Glazed Bacon Apple DonutIn a recent blog post, Dan Jurafsky, a San Franciscan who writes The Language of Food, speaks eloquently and intelligently of sweetness, pork products, and cultural differences. It is worth a read taste. Here are a few bites:

…the nearby hipster donut shop, Dynamo, whose most popular item is the Maple Glazed Bacon Apple donut…

…reserving sweet dishes for the end of a meal is thus a recent development. In the Middle Ages, a main course in England or France might include a dish like rabbits or beef tongue in gravy covered in sugar…

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Fast Food Delhi

Delhi StreetBusiness is slow at the Marin County Indian restaurant that Ram owns. In my opinion, he should take this time to do some cleaning in the back, but instead he leans on an elbow and tells me about his last visit to Delhi.

“A friend whose car I am borrowing is warning me if the brakes fail, do not bother to fix them. Someone will get in your way, and you will soon stop. But if the horn should fail, you must get it fixed at once. Without a horn, you cannot warn the people in front of you, and you will be responsible for any accident.” Continue reading “Fast Food Delhi”

A Singular Eating Experience

clamSeveral years ago my brothers (Lanny and Doug) and I were on Long Island where Doug, a well-known performer of modern Jewish music, had a concert scheduled. The show was set for 7:30 p.m., with a sound check an hour earlier, but it was just 4:45 and Doug was hungry. Because a full stomach does not make for a comfortable and melodious performance, Doug opted for a snack at a nearby Sunrise Highway diner.

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