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Cheesie Mack Is Sort of Freaked Out

Beware of the night sky…

And what about RAT sandwiches, Candy Collecting Contests, and strange reptiles walking the streets? Yep, Cheesie Mack is at it again. And now Georgie has another one of his Great Ideas . . . a Massive Halloween Prank! Cheesie and Georgie will fool their friends into thinking a flying saucer is hovering over their town. It works! Everyone in sixth grade is talking about the UFO. Then Cheesie reveals that he and Georgie are tricksters. There’s no such thing as aliens!

Or is there? When Cheesie sees a flying saucer in the night sky, he doesn’t know what to think! Is it a hoax? Or is something really out there?

With made-up words, drawings, and wacky lists, Cheesie tells the hilarious story about the biggest middle school prank in the history of ever!