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Does a Curveball Break Left or Right?

MLB logoRoger Clemens testifies before Congress, and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform grills him about use of steroids and human growth hormone. He denies everything.mlb

This tabloid shocker is getting far more press than real disasters in Darfur or the Iraq situation (can’t call it a war, because only Congress can declare war…and it hasn’t). This is audience-grabbing, pop culture drama, but in the long view, who really cares if this particular pitcher juiced his body?

One aspect of the hearings, however, is very important: the surprising and unexpected partisanship. Why did the Democrats on the Committee uniformly ask Clemens questions that assumed his guilt, while the Republicans’ queries clearly indicated their belief that Clemens’ accuser Brian McNamee was the liar? Could it be that Major League Baseball has inherently progressive and conservative sides? Is it left field vs. right field?

Conspiracy windup: Bush was once part owner of the Texas Rangers. Roger Clemens is well known to be a friend of the Bush family.

Conspiracy pitch: Clemens will be found guilty, and Bush will pardon him. And if this Global War on Baseball looks like it’s going to drag out past Inauguration ’09, look for a pre-pardon like Ford gave Nixon.

Such goofy partisanship is one of the flaws of our two-potty system: you march with the party (no matter how silly you look) or forget about getting any support for your pet projects.