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The Market Falls–Then and Now

I glance at the headline of an old newspaper that had been used to insulate one of the old log cabins that make up the museum in Frisco, CO.

“Bankers Blame Tax Laws for Securities Drop” (The Denver Post…November 7, 1937).

The Great Depression had been ongoing for over eight years.

Yesterday the Dow fell over 500 points. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Canvassing in Colorado

For the last two days I’ve been knocking on doors. Once a Rocky Mountain red, Colorado’s purple, on the eve of election, has tinted blue.

In surprisingly warm November air, I walked Lakewood, a suburb city northwest of downtown Denver. My streets were sidewalkless and potholed, the mailboxes nameplated with Lopez, Guzman, Escalante.

“Who you with?” a beard dragging a cigarette challenged as he opened his car door.

“Obama Campaign…getting out the vote,” I replied.

“Yeah, I guessed. McCain…he don’t come here. Continue reading “Canvassing in Colorado”