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The Prime Minister and the Supreme Court

Tonight’s true story.

An intelligent, worldly woman is leaning over her laptop late at night, paying almost no attention to the conversations behind her. She is startled out of her browsing by her sister’s voice.

“Is there any news about Golda Meir?”

She spins away from her laptop and demands, “What’s going on with Golda Meir?”

Three adults stare at her as if she’s grown a second head. Meir’s been dead for 31 years.

She persists, “Golda Meir. What’s the news?”

After several whats and huhs, she finally learns that her sister, bored with the non-stop, pan-media banality of Michael Jackson’s death reportage, had inquired about the latest Supreme Court nominee.

You read it here first: (Sonia) SOTO MAYOR will be the next prime minister of Israel.