Short Film Winner–Cannes 2008

Just watch.

I need not comment.

[youtube zyGEEamz7ZM Historia de un Letrero (Story of a Sign)]

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4 Comments on “Short Film Winner–Cannes 2008

  1. hi steve ,mike at p.o. 95448 ilike it you have a way to let us know and fell like real jerks in life. very true statement . words are very powerful.but a question for you…. what carries more weight? kind acts or powerful spelling?

  2. Dear friend… are a true filmmaker.
    I’m not somebody who usually write comments or…somebody who gets easily impressed.
    This is a stunning movie because you felt the human condition and you shared with us. I’m always somebody who gives lots of money to brothers like him on the street..Because we don’t decide to born smart, ugly, poor or rich…
    Thanks again. Last time I wrote a comment on a video was 2 years ago…this film goes way beyond every comment.

  3. Vicenzo:
    Please note that although I did spend many years as a filmmaker, this beautiful film is NOT mine.

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