Vote Today Ohio–A Grassroots Effort

OhioMy wife and I are going to Ohio to register voters.

Ohio recently changed its voting laws in a way that creates an extraordinary opportunity to register new voters.  For one week only (Sept 30—Oct 6), Ohio residents may register and vote early in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. They need make only one trip to the Early Voting Centers, do the paperwork, vote, and it’s done.

Vote Today Ohio will target voters from campuses and urban areas, so they can bank their votes early and ensure they don’t get shut out by long lines and broken machines on election day.

(If you think that Election Day malfunctions are rare events, think again, and visit Black Box Voting’s website for the horror stories.)

Vote Today Ohio intends to turn out more than 10,000 new or unlikely voters, using 100 volunteers from out-of-state (my wife and I have signed up) and 100 volunteers from Ohio.VTO

My wife, my son, his college roommate, and I canvassed Reno streets for a week just prior to the 2004 election.  It was a very rewarding experience.

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