Vote Today Ohio–Day 6–Tote Board

CanvassingOur Friday traffic was heavy. We were canvassing every student at Kent State who came within eyesight of our van. We had two shuttles running all day long. Over the week the Vote Today Ohio teams ferried over 2,000 early voters to the polls, with over 800 of them new registrants.

votingThese are counts of voters we physically brought to the polls and do not reflect the hundreds of Ohioans who learned about early voting from personnel, flyering, media, posters, canvassing, etc., and went to the polls on their own.

In addition, these numbers do not include the hundreds of friends, parents, roommates and spouses who learned from one of our voters that they, too, may vote early. They do not reflect the hundreds of voters we touched who will visit the early vote centers after Golden Week is over.

SpringsteenVote Today Ohio is one one of many organizations trying to get voters to the polls early. Bruce Springsteen is performing tomorrow at Ohio State University to encourage early voting for Democrat Barack Obama, and basketball star LeBron James is at a rally today in Cleveland.

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