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A bit of kvelling!

In a blog posted today, my daughter supported (maybe, kinda, sorta…) Sarah Palin. Read it. Comment.

In part, Emily wrote:

[Sarah Palin] spent $150,000 on clothes and other grooming in the last few months. I have to cut the woman slack on that. Yes, it seems like an exorbitant sum. Stupendously stupid, especially with job losses and the financial crisis. But let’s consider something: before she burst out of metaphorical nowhere, she was—by comparison—rarely photographed, and even less frequently scrutinized. And she was certainly not applying to be the understudy to the Job of All Jobs. It was probably no issue if she wore the same outfit twice or three times or more often in any given month. Who cared?

I am fortunate to have politically active, media-savvy children who read and contribute.

Emily Cotler is the Creative Director and principal of Waxcreative Design, Inc. She is the co-author of Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works, an established standard for workflow methodologies and user-centered design principles worldwide. (Peachpit Press; 2nd edition; co-written with web design industry titan Kelly Goto) The book has been translated into 14 languages.

A graduate of UCLA, Emily started designing effective websites for authors in the late 1990s. A decade later, Wax is a leader in fan-based Web sites for authors and others. Her dozens of clients include New York Times best-selling authors Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Elizabeth Boyle, and span North America and Europe.

After only 11 hours online, Emily’s post has generated a raft of comments, most much angrier than Emily’s.

The winds are blowing.

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5 Comments on “Daughter Blogs on Huffington Post!

  1. I agree with Emily that this is a nefarious rant for the Dems to take on. After all, Sarah was spending RNC money, which I would much rather have going toward her wardrobe than to smears against Obama.

  2. And in actuality, she wasn’t even spending the money, a personal shopper was — and most of it was the week of the Rep Convention when Palin probably arrived in Minnesota with an outfit that made someone say, “Um, she can’t go on tv tomorrow in front of 35 million people in that.” Not standing next to Cindy McCain dripping in over a quarter-million worth of jewels, she can’t. You don’t have to agree with the expense to understand the rush to shop.

    There are so many reasons to dislike Palin. This is just not a good one.

    That said, it’s a LOT of money, and I understand why people are ticked off.

  3. No reflection on Emily’s opinion…
    Had Palin continuously been seen in shmatas, she would have been truly accepted as a person of the people and sole mate of “Joe the Plumber.” Now she is just a sartorially respendent plutocrat, wanna be.

    1. You know Phil, even 3+ years later, I have to disagree. I think if Palin had shown up in shmatas she would have been shredded and completely discredited for looking unpresidential. I don’t think she would have been afforded any parallel to Joe the Plumber, neither solely nor soul-ly. He was raised onto a pedestal in his $35 jeans; she would have been crucified for it.

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