“Keynesian” Capitalism Bumper Sticker De-Attributed

During the research for my previous post, I came across a bumper sticker that attributed the quotation in question to John Maynard Keynes. When I informed the purveyor that the quotation was not from Keynes’s oeuvre, they replied:

Well, that is sad. It seems that making things up has been a major accomplishment of the electronic age. We will probably keep the saying but remove the attribution. This seems to be happening a lot more than it used to. Thanks.

Here’s their updated bumper sticker.

A small victory for truth, justice, and scholarship.

*     *     *     *     *

Update 8/13/09: One month later, the bumper sticker is still being sold online with the attribution.

Update 8/20/20: The bumper sticker is no longer available, but several other items with the same quote are: a tee-shirt, a poster, another tee-shirt, a button, and…then I gave up searching for more.

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3 Comments on ““Keynesian” Capitalism Bumper Sticker De-Attributed

  1. Socialism is the extraordinary belief that the most average of men, without incentive, will produce extraordinary results for anyone.

    [SC responds: I believe Karl Marx said that. Or was it Groucho?]

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