Cheesie Mack: Back Home in Massachusetts

Cheesie lives in Gloucester. MA

Cheesie returns to his home state in a couple of days for a two-week whirlwind of book events. The lad “lives” in Gloucester, so of course I’ll be speaking at two elementary schools there, as well as schools, both public and private, in Cambridge, Arlington, Newton, Sutton, Millbury, and Auburn. Plus libraries in Easton, and Millbury (pizza party there!).

It’ll be great fun. My typical presentation is here.

Altogether, I’m doing 12 schools and two libraries in two weeks. Whew!

Then I’m off to Brooklyn for three schools in two days.

If you would like Cheesie in your school or library, contact me. My calendar is getting full, but there are still a few open slots.

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One Comment on “Cheesie Mack: Back Home in Massachusetts

  1. so looking forward to the Oct3 and 4th at my sons school…Shaw he is in grade 5 and like most boys …not that interested in reading …because he would rather play basketball or just play in the neighborhood…therefore the series of Wimpy Kid was key to spark his interest and not only read the whole series …he is excited about your book….how wonderful to turn on a young boy with a fun book…who otherwise was turned off…thank you from this pro-literacy mother of four sons…thanx u again and see you at Shaw and the pizza fun is that! Also r u selling the books at the school or library or should I go to Barnes and Noble..and have it before we come..pls advise..I would like 2 copies for Matt and one for a gift to his friend…thank you

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