Celebrating the Holidays and Rewriting

My web design firm, Waxcreative Design, knows how to get authors noticed.

In addition to great aesthetics, they are expert at branding, marketing, and promotion. They are also good people. I am honored this Holiday Season to be featured on their New Year’s card.

photo credit: Ros Edmonds

About 100 school sessions ago, there I am challenging students and making them laugh while they learn about character, plot, and why, when red-penciled teacher comments include a request to “correct and revise…and turn this back in tomorrow,” the correct response is not, “No! Please don’t make me. Why do you hate me?”

I tell them that pilots have to take flying lessons before they solo.

I tell them quarterbacks have to practice passing.

I tell them carpenters need to apprentice before they build a house.

I tell them no first draft is ever perfect. Writers must re-write.

I tell them that I wrote eight drafts of Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything.

The room goes silent.

*     *     *     *     *

[full disclosure: Waxcreative's proprietrix is my eldest child, Emily Cotler.]
{fuller disclosure: I rewrote this blog post thrice.}
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