Cheesie Mack and Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Every author visit I make to schools around the country is different. Schools have distinct personalities, and my presentation is redirected by local influences. One school might put up posters and have a Cheesie Mack Day. Another might get me interviewed by the local newspaper. But for every school, in this time of tight budgets and difficult curricular challenges, my visit is always a big deal…and I am greeted with great excitement.

Some things—no matter which school—are universal.

When Cheesie comes to school, the students are enthusiastic. Their intellectual curiosity is engaged and stimulated. And their laughter is large, spontaneous, and joyful.

And then there’s the nearly obligatory mac ‘n’ cheese luncheon. The kids love it, and I love their gusto.

I often ask for a salad.

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3 Comments on “Cheesie Mack and Mac ‘n’ Cheese

  1. What an excellent mural Shaw School made for you! And what a nice coincidence that your sweater matched so well.

  2. We loved having you at Shaw and look forward to a return visit. My class will be starting a countdown for when the next book will be released.

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