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Eggman — Part 2…Expanding the Business

golden eggThree weeks after beginning my egg route, my weekly delivery had increased to nearly 150 dozen. It only took two after-schools to deliver the eggs, and I was netting over $30 each week, more than $4.25/hour. With the minimum wage at $1.55/hour, I, only 15, had found the chicken that laid the Golden Egg. Of course I intended to expand further, so I needed to find a low-paid worker to help me. He was right in front of me, watching cartoons, a thin line of drool connecting the corner of his mouth with his chin: my 10-year-old brother, Doug. Continue reading “Eggman — Part 2…Expanding the Business”

I Really Was the Eggman — Part 1

egg“Hello. My name is Steve Cotler. Each week I go out to a ranch in the country and pick up fresh eggs and deliver them in this area at a price within a penny or two of store prices. Of course, these eggs are much fresher than store eggs because I pick them up and deliver them the same day. This week, as I finish my route—I deliver to Mrs. Jones across the street and Mrs. Brown down the block—I find that I have a few dozen left over. Since I only want to sell the freshest eggs, I’d be happy to offer them to you at half-price. Would you like to try some really fresh eggs?”

This was my pitch. I was 15. Continue reading “I Really Was the Eggman — Part 1”