I Don’t Sleep Anymore

Track 11 on My ‘Magination

“Can’t I watch TV until this is over?” “Please read me another book?” “I need a drink of water.” Every parent has heard why their kids don’t want to go to bed. As the non-sleeper in this song states, “All that stuff is easy. I do so much more!” “I Don’t Sleep Anymore” takes the excuses and explanations to imaginative heights.

♫ Lyrics ♫

Bedtime makes me madder than mad
Meaner than meanest, badder than bad.
My mom says “Goodnight,” and my daddy agrees
Saying, “Go up the stairs and to sleep, if you please.”
Just why should I listen? I’m right to ignore.
I’m different because I don’t sleep anymore.
[…and many, many more reasons.]

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May 27, 2002

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