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Pobba in a crowd of children

Pobba, Live!

Pobba is now essentially retired from actively performing. The album continues to delight the 3-7 year old crowd and charm parents and grandparents alike.

When he was touring, Pobba’s shows were always energetic, animated, but never unfocused. He always stayed in close contact with his audiences, involving kids and parents with every song. He has performed at schools, libraries, churches and synagogues, malls, parking lots, airport concourses, hotel lobbies, wilderness campfires, and on moving trains.

Getting the sound system ready
for a concert.

Pobba visited many youngsters all over… from west to east:


“Fun go-to kids music! My mother-in-law gave us your CD, and I just want to let you know how much my children, age 7 1/2 and 6, LOVE your CD. They know all the songs and especially love the Marshmallows song. Thank you so much, and we will pass along your name in the future.”

— Kelly G., (Santa Rosa, CA)

“Like Jimmy Buffet for kids. It is fun and creative, and we enjoy listening to it as we play.”

— Ashleigh, (Morgan Hill, CA)

“Our son puts your CD on each night when he goes to bed. His favorite line is “…sneaking through a sandwich…” He tells everyone to “listen, listen, listen, here it comes.” He laughs every time and knows exactly where it comes up in the song.”

— Casey, Seattle

“My daughter is a Pobba junkie. We have listened to your CD 1000’s of times (no kidding).”

— Michael P., (NYC)

Pobba experiences the spirit of Aloha…

“Thank you so uch for sharing your music and imagination with my students. They loved myour concert.”

— Rowena M. (Kailua, HI)

“I order your CD by the dozens and give it out to the parents of babies when I officiate at naming ceremonies. I always get a big thank you after the parents have listened to your wonderful tunes. Such a treasure.”

— Rabbi Stephen F. (West Hartford, CT)

“Thanks so much for the prompt service on my second order. My grandkids and I really enjoy your CD. I wish you could have seen my three-year-old grandson singing and dancing to “PB&J…Hey, Hey.” My three-year-old granddaughter sings “My ‘Magination,” and her almost two-year-old sister sings, “No way” when “Marshmallows” is playing. Pobba has given this grandma some wonderful memories.

— Patti (San Diego)

“The kids and I love it, how can my fellow teachers order copies?”

— Sarah (Richmond, CA)

“We played the whole thing, accompanied by bed jumping and peals of laughter. My son loves it. It is obvious that he finds references to striped tomatoes and marshmallows crawling with ants to be mots worthy of Oscar Wilde.”

— Rick (NYC)

… and creates smiles across the country.

“My granddaughter requests your CD every time she gets in my car.”

— Sue (Corona Del Mar, CA)

“My kids love the CD. They laugh, say “ewww, gross” at the appropriate times…they’re singing these songs and talking about them all the time. My six-year-old was singing along after only hearing it once and explaining some of the jokes to me (just in case I didn’t get it)!”

— Shifee (San Francisco)

“I LOVE it! I plan to send it to every one of my friends who has grandkids.”

— Peggy (St. Louis)

“This CD is as innovative to the world of children’s music as Dr. Seuss was to children’s literature.”

— Millie (Levittown, NY)

“Thanks for the most clever and entertaining songs…very well done.”

— Sheila (Houston)

“You are right…what a wonderful world it could be. What a refreshing collection to share with kids in this stressful time.”

— Marjorie (Pottsville, PA)

“My daughter loved it! Sometimes she would laugh, look up at me and say “Dad, that’s so silly!!” She sat with me and listened to the entire CD, no mean feat for an active four-year-old girl.”

— Dan (Cambridge, MA)

“Thank you again. I’m sitting here feeling 100% just listening to your craziness. You’ve made more than just a grandkid happy.”

— Lee (Phoenix)

“Words that have rung through my house (and car)….”Mom, can we listen to Pobba?” Thought you’d want to know that you’re a big hit with my girls and me. Great songs, great production.”

— Beth (Orlando, FL)

“We loved your music! We had it in the car for over a month (my sister now has it in her car for her two little girls). My seven-yr-old enjoyed it the most, but the 10- and 12-yr-olds were singing right along as well.”

— Laura (Kentfield, CA)

My ‘Magination

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May 27, 2002