All songs: words · Steve Cotler · Pobba Publishing (BMI), music · Doug Cotler · Wail and Blubber Music (BMI), © 1996, except “Marshmallows” and “Buttering Bread” © 2002, and also except “I’m Proud to Be Me” by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer, and “Wonderful World” medley: “It Could Be a Wonderful World” by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer, Argosy Music/Oliver Music (ASCAP) and “What a Wonderful World” by George David Weiss and Robert Thiele, Abilene Music/Quartet Music/Range Road Music (ASCAP)

Pobba: vocals
Doug Cotler: backup vocals, whistling, guitar, kazoo, and vacuum cleaner tube
Troy Dexter: every other instrument and the closet door (except on “I’m Proud to Be Me” and “My ’Magination” — Eric Jorgensen: trombone, Mike Nelson: woodwinds, D. Jon Papenbrook: trumpet, Freebo: tuba).
Abi Cotler: backup vocals and finder (at age 3) of a “mahshmallow b’hind the gahbage”
Ariana Cotler: backup vocals
Taylor Dexter (age 10) & Jordana Epstein (age 10): kids’ voices on “Marshmallows”

Produced by: Troy Dexter & Doug Cotler
Engineered by: Troy Dexter at The Green Room, Chatsworth, CA, assisted by Tracey Brown
Design: Emily Cotler, Waxcreative Design
Illustrations and Hand Lettering: Henry Zaballos (age 9) & Lily Zaballos (age 6)
Photos: Deborah Sherman, deborah sherman photography

Thanks to Andy & Peggy Newman for earliest encouragement.
For Zippy, Pobba’s first grandchild

My ‘Magination

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My 'Magination album cover

Spigot Records

May 27, 2002