I See What I See at the Sea

Track 5 on My ‘Magination

What could be better than a day at the seashore? “I See What I See at the Sea” is a trip to the beach…interpreted as only a child could. This song has been used in pre-school and kindergarten as part of a nature curriculum.

♫ Lyrics ♫

When I went down to the ocean shore
I saw a lot of things I never saw before
So I’m going to go back a whole lot more
To See What I See at the Sea

There was a non-flying saucer made out of shell
A floating jelly blobbo shaped like a bell
You can say it’s a lie, but I gotta tell
That I See What I See at the Sea
[…seeing it all through a child’s eyes.]

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May 27, 2002

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