If I Had a Pet

Track 9 on My ‘Magination

Some families have dogs. Some have cats. Some even have hamsters or mice. Every kid wants a pet. “If I Had a Pet” tests the waters with a primate, an insect, a marsupial, and a fish. And lets the child figure out why Mom and Dad might be rejecting the suggestions.

♫ Lyrics ♫

If I had a pet
Oh, what fun we would have
It could sleep in my room next to me
I’d feed it and love it
Oh, how I would love it
But I can’t get my folks to agree

Cause the pet that I want is a chimpanzee
And the name that I’d give him is Jiminy
We could swing from a vine
In the trees if we pleased
And eat all the fruit we could find
No, no, not that banana. It’s way too green.
How happy I’d be
With my own chimpanzee
But I can’t get my folks to agree
[…followed by an insect, a marsupial, and a fish!]

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May 27, 2002

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